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Online World Map

Online World Map

Purpose of the tool

Teach students how to use an online map.

Grade: 2,3,4,5,6,7,8

Explanation of the tool

This is a completely interactive map, comparable to Google Maps.

All text on the map is in English!

You can view the whole world or zoom in (plus and minus button on the lower left of the screen) on a continent, land, city or street.

At the top of the screen you'll see three buttons (from left to right);
- drag
- map
- choose continent

Down below you can read what's behind the above mentioned buttons.

You can choose between 'Drag' and 'Write'.
The option 'Drag' let's you drag the map with the arrow buttons at the bottom left of the screen, the mouse, a pen or by hand.
The option 'Write' let's you write on the map.

You can choose between 'Map', 'Satellite' and 'Combination'.
The option 'Map' shows you the road maps.
The option 'Satellite' shows you satellite images.
The option 'Combination' shows you a combination of satellite images and a road map.