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Sorting and Counting

Sorting and Counting

Purpose of the tool

Sorting and counting; size, color, amount, shapes and groups.

Grade: K,1,2,3
Common core standards: 
MP4 MP5 K.CC.A.2 K.CC.B.4a K.CC.B.4b K.CC.B.4c K.CC.B.5 K.CC.C.6 K.MD.B.3 2.OA.C.3

Explanation of the tool

At the top of the screen you see two drop down menus.
In the left menu you can select the amount of candy you want to see on the screen.
In the menu you can select how many different kinds of candy you want to see on the screen.

After making a selection, you can do a number of assignments with the students:
- Count the candy.
- Make groups of ...
- Sort the different kinds of candy.
- Sort by color.
- Sort by shape.
- Pair items by 2's
- Determining even and odd numbers
- Etcetera...

How can I empty my screen and start over?
Press the 'Again' button (at the bottom left of the screen).