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Distributive Property

Distributive Property

Purpose of the tool

Use tiling to show in a concrete case that the area of a rectangle with whole-number side lengths a and b + c is the sum of a x b and a x c.

Grade: 3
Common core standards: 
MP4 MP5 3.OA.B.5 3.MD.C.5a 3.MD.C.5b 3.MD.C.6 3.MD.C.7a 3.MD.C.7b 3.MD.C.7c

Explanation of the tool

A random rectangle is displayed on the interactive whiteboard.

Calculate the area of the rectangle and write it down in the area below the shape.

Press "Show answer" to show the answer.

Press "Generate new grid" for a new random rectangle.

Change the difficulty via "Settings".