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Word Spider

Word Spider

Purpose of the tool

Students learn how to visually put their knowledge about a word or theme into a word spider.

Grade: K,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,higher
Common core standards: 
RL.1.1 RL.1.2 RL.1.7 RI.1.1 RI.1.2 RI.1.4 RI.1.6 RI.1.7 RI.1.8 W.1.1 SL.1.4 L.1.5c RI.2.4 RI.2.8 L.2.5a L.2.6 RL.3.2 RI.3.2 RI.3.4 RI.3.8 W.3.1a W.3.1b W.3.1c W.3.4 L.3.5b L.3.6 RL.4.1 RL.4.2 RI.4.1 RI.4.2 RI.4.4 RI.4.5 RI.4.8 W.4.1a W.4.1b W.4.1c W.4.4 W.4.9b SL.4.3 L.4.6 RL.5.2 RI.5.2 RI.5.4 RI.5.8 W.5.1a W.5.1b W.5.1c W.5.4 W.5.9a W.5.9b SL.5.3 L.5.6 RL.6.1 RL.6.2 RL.6.5 RI.6.1 RI.6.2 RI.6.3 RI.6.4 RI.6.5 L.6.6 RL.7.1 RL.7.2 RI.7.1 RI.7.2 RI.7.3 RI.7.4 RI.7.5 SL.7.4 L.7.6 RL.8.1 RL.8.2 RL.8.4 RI.8.1 RI.8.2 RI.8.4 RI.8.5 L.8.6

Explanation of the tool

There's a box in the middle of the screen. You can write in this box.

Create a new box by pressing the plus button (+). You can also write in this box.

If you want to delete the box, please press the X button at the top right of the box.
If you've written something in the box and want to remove the box nevertheless, please remember that you'll also remove the written text by doing so.