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Shades of Meaning

Shades of Meaning

Purpose of the tool

Practice degrees of comparison by putting words in order.

Grade: 1,2,3
Common core standards: 
RI.1.4 L.1.5c L.1.5d RI.2.4 L.2.5a L.2.5b RI.3.4 L.3.1g L.3.5b L.3.5c L.3.6

Explanation of the tool

Four empty areas are displayed on screen with increasing intensity of color. Below the empty areas are four words that are related to each other. Put the words in order by dragging them into the empty areas.

The increasing richness of the color of the boxes is a visual-aid for the increasing intensity of the words' meaning from top to bottom.

For example, these 4 words arranged by intensity would be:
1) okay
2) good
3) super
4) amazing

Press the 'Check' button to check the answer.

Use the blue arrows to go to either the next or previous assignment.