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Purpose of the tool

Students learn when to use punctuation marks in sentences.

Grade: 1,2,3,4,5,6,7
Common core standards: 
L.1.1b L.1.2b L.1.2c L.2.2c L.3.2b L.3.2c L.3.2d L.4.2b L.4.2c L.4.3b L.5.2b L.5.2c L.5.2d L.6.2a L.7.2a

Explanation of the tool

A text is presented on the screen with one or more punctuation marks missing.

Students read the sentence and add punctuation marks where necessary. They can drag the punctuation marks from below the check button and then place it into the text.

Press the 'Check' button to check the punctuation.

Use the blue arrows to go to the next or previous sentence.

Select a different grade level and different assignments via 'Settings'