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Poetry and Prose Library

Poetry and Prose Library

Purpose of the tool

A library with a big collection of poetry and prose.

Grade: 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8
Common core standards: 
RL.1.4 RL.1.10 RL.2.4 RL.2.10 RL.3.5 RL.3.10 RF.3.4b RL.4.2 RL.4.5 RL.4.10 RF.4.4b RL.5.2 RL.5.10 RF.5.4b RL.6.10 RL.7.5 RL.7.10 RL.8.10

Explanation of the tool

Browse through various poetry and prose by entering keywords or using the category buttons at the top.

Press "Selection filter" to open additional settings to filter the items. Here you can choose to filter items per grade level, type of content and theme.

Mark an item as favorite by pressing the heart. Press the "Favorite" button at the top to access all items that you've marked as favorite.

Press an item to view the text. You can make the font bigger or smaller with the "Aa" buttons in the bottom left corner. Here you can also find the "Print" button to print the text.