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Flow Map

Flow Map

Purpose of the tool

Help students explain the the order of events and identify the relationships between stages and substages.

Grade: K,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,higher
Common core standards: 
RL.K.1 RL.K.2 RI.K.1 RI.K.2 RI.K.3 RI.K.8 W.K.1 W.K.2 W.K.3 RL.1.1 RL.1.2 RL.1.7 RI.1.1 RI.1.2 RI.1.3 RI.1.6 RI.1.7 RI.1.8 W.1.2 W.1.3 W.1.5 RL.2.5 RI.2.2 RI.2.6 RI.2.8 W.2.2 W.2.3 W.2.5 RL.3.2 RL.3.5 RI.3.2 RI.3.8 W.3.2a W.3.2b W.3.3a W.3.3b W.3.3c W.3.4 W.3.5 W.3.7 W.3.8 RL.4.1 RL.4.2 RI.4.1 RI.4.2 RI.4.5 RI.4.8 W.4.2a W.4.2b W.4.3a W.4.4 W.4.5 W.4.7 W.4.9b RL.5.1 RL.5.2 RL.5.3 RL.5.5 RI.5.1 RI.5.2 RI.5.7 RI.5.8 W.5.2a W.5.2b W.5.3a W.5.4 W.5.5 W.5.7 W.5.9a W.5.9b RL.6.1 RL.6.2 RL.6.3 RI.6.1 RI.6.2 RI.6.3 RI.6.5 RI.6.6 RI.6.7 RI.6.8 W.6.2a W.6.2b W.6.3a W.6.3b W.6.4 W.6.5 W.6.7 W.6.9b RL.7.1 RL.7.2 RI.7.1 RI.7.2 RI.7.3 RI.7.5 RI.7.6 RI.7.8 W.7.2a W.7.2b W.7.3b W.7.4 W.7.5 W.7.7 W.7.8 W.7.9b RL.8.1 RL.8.2 RI.8.1 RI.8.2 RI.8.3 RI.8.5 RI.8.6 RI.8.8 RI.8.9 W.8.2a W.8.2b W.8.4 W.8.5 W.8.7 W.8.8

Explanation of the tool

Select the number of steps you want to display in your flow map via 'Settings'.

Tip: You can print the map by pressing the 'Page overview' button in the bottom right corner of the toolbar and then press the 'Print page' button.