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Fall Scene

Fall Scene

Purpose of the tool

An interactive scene about the fall theme. A journey of discovery with text and images.

Grade: K,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,higher
Common core standards: 
RI.K.1 RI.K.2 RI.K.7 RI.K.8 RF.K.4 L.K.5c RI.1.1 RI.1.2 RI.1.6 RI.1.7 RI.1.8 RI.1.10 RF.1.4a RF.1.4c L.1.4a L.1.5c RI.2.2 RI.2.3 RI.2.8 RI.2.10 RF.2.3e RF.2.4a RF.2.4c L.2.4a L.2.5a RI.3.2 RI.3.3 RI.3.7 RI.3.10 RF.3.4a RF.3.4c L.3.4a L.3.5a L.3.5b L.3.6 RI.4.1 RI.4.2 RI.4.3 RI.4.7 RI.4.8 RI.4.10 RF.4.3a RF.4.4a RF.4.4c W.4.9b L.4.4a L.4.6 RI.5.2 RI.5.3 RI.5.8 RI.5.10 RF.5.3a RF.5.4a RF.5.4c W.5.9b L.5.4a RI.6.1 RI.6.2 RI.6.3 RI.6.7 L.6.4a L.6.4d L.6.6 RI.7.1 RI.7.2 RI.7.3 L.7.4a L.7.4d L.7.6 RI.8.1 RI.8.2 L.8.4a L.8.4d L.8.6

Explanation of the tool

Use the buttons in the left bottom corner to zoom in and move around the scene.

Press 'Show labels' to hide or show the text labels. Press a text label to reveal more information about that item.