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Bubble Map

Bubble Map

Purpose of the tool

Students can use this map to describe qualities of an object or an idea using adjectives and adjectival phrases.

Grade: K,1,2,3,4,5
Common core standards: 
RL.K.3 RL.K.4 W.K.2 L.K.6 RL.1.3 RL.1.7 RF.1.4b W.1.2 W.1.5 L.1.1f RL.2.3 RL.2.7 RF.2.4b W.2.2 W.2.5 L.2.1e RL.3.3 W.3.2a W.3.2b W.3.3b L.3.1a L.3.6 RL.4.3 W.4.2a W.4.2b W.4.4 W.4.9a L.4.1d L.4.6 RL.5.2 W.5.2a W.5.2b W.5.4 L.5.6

Explanation of the tool

In the center circle, write the word or phrase being described. Then, in the outside circles, write the adjectives or adjectival phrases that relate to the word or phrase in the center circle.

Tip: You can print the map by pressing the 'Page overview' button in the bottom right corner of the toolbar and then press the 'Print page' button.