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Brace Map

Brace Map

Purpose of the tool

Help students understand the relationship between a whole object and its individual components.

Grade: K,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,higher
Common core standards: 
RL.K.4 RF.K.2c W.K.2 W.K.5 L.K.6 W.1.2 W.1.5 L.1.1g L.1.6 W.2.2 W.2.5 W.3.2a W.3.2b W.3.2c W.3.3b W.3.3c W.3.5 L.3.1h L.3.6 W.4.2a W.4.2b W.4.2c W.4.3c W.4.3d W.4.4 W.4.5 L.4.6 W.5.2a W.5.2b W.5.2c W.5.3c W.5.3d W.5.4 W.5.5 L.5.1a L.5.1e L.5.6 W.6.2a W.6.2b W.6.2c W.6.3c W.6.3d W.6.4 W.6.5 L.6.6 W.7.1a W.7.2a W.7.2b W.7.2c W.7.3c W.7.3d W.7.4 W.7.5 W.7.8 L.7.1b L.7.6 RL.8.4 W.8.1a W.8.1c W.8.2a W.8.2b W.8.2c W.8.3c W.8.3d W.8.4 W.8.5 W.8.8 L.8.6

Explanation of the tool

On the first line on the far left, the student writes the name of the whole object. Then in the brace, the students write the different parts of the whole object. If those parts can be broken down even more, students can add another brace with additional components.

Select the number of components via 'Settings'.

Tip: You can print the map by pressing the 'Page overview' button in the bottom right corner of the toolbar and then press the 'Print page' button.