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Quiz Maker

Quiz Maker

Purpose of the tool

With the Quiz Maker you can test knowledge in a fast and easy way.

Grade: K,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8
Common core standards: 
WHST.6-8.7 WHST.6-8.8 WHST.6-8.9 MP6 RL.K.1 RI.K.1 RL.1.1 RI.1.1 RL.2.1 RI.2.1 RL.3.1 RI.3.1

Explanation of the tool

Indicate that you want to create a quiz, then enter a name for your quiz.

After doing this you can start composing the questions.
You can create up to 20 questions.

You can always change or delete questions.

When playing the quiz, you can check the answers immediately or wait until the quiz has ended.

You can create more than one quiz at a time and save them.