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Pick Your Partner

Pick Your Partner

Purpose of the tool

Divide your students into groups and let your students pick their own partners.

Grade: K,1,2,3,4,5

Explanation of the tool

First create a list of students via settings if you haven't created one already. You can also select from previously created student lists that you've created earlier.

Select the number of students per group and press save to begin the activity.

A random name from your student list is shown at the top of your interactive white board. The cards below represent the other students where he or she may pick from until his or her group is completed.

If there are multiple groups to create, the next person is automatically shown on screen to pick his or her partners by selecting from the remaining cards. But you can also let each of these students pick one partner at a time by using the blue arrows to go to the next group leader.

During or after the group selection you can press the "Show overview" button to view the currently created groups.

This tool was designed by our Activity Contest winner Anna Riddle!