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Morning Routine

Morning Routine

Purpose of the tool

Start the day off with the morning routine and explore the calendar, weather, seasons and practice number sense skills.

Grade: K,1,2,3
Common core standards: 
MP4 MP5 K.CC.B.4a K.CC.B.4b K.CC.B.5 1.NBT.B.2a 1.NBT.B.2b 1.NBT.B.2c 2.NBT.A.1a 2.NBT.A.1b

Explanation of the tool

Select one of the following subjects from the activity's start up screen: Calendar, Weather and Number Sense.

Once inside one of these subjects, use the blue arrows on the left and right side of the activity to go to the previous or next subject.

Practice calendar skills
- Drag the current month to the blank at the top of the calendar.
- Drag numbers from the bottom right corner into the calendar.
- Use the icons at the bottom of the screen to indicate a special day.

Talk about the current weather type and season.
- Change the current season at the top of your smartboard.
- Rotate the arrow to highlight the current weather type.
- Use the plus and minus buttons to increase or decrease the weather types in the weather graph to keep track of the weather.

Count the days of the year with Number Sense.
- Increase or decrease a number with the plus and minus buttons
- Press "pick a random number" for a random number
- Use the base ten blocks to practice numbers.

This activity will automatically remember your settings for the next day. You don't need to save anything manually.