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Your Own Match Activity

Your Own Match Activity

Purpose of the tool

Create match activities with your own content by entering combinations of words, numbers or sentences.

Grade: K,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,higher
Common core standards: 
RF.K.1d RF.K.2a RF.K.2b RF.K.2c RF.K.3a RF.K.3b L.K.1c L.K.2c L.K.2d L.K.4a L.K.4b L.K.5a L.K.5b L.K.5c L.K.5d RF.1.2a RF.1.2c RF.1.2d RF.1.3d RF.1.3e RF.1.3f L.1.1b L.1.1c L.1.1e L.1.2d L.1.2e L.1.4b L.1.4c L.1.5a L.1.5b L.1.5c L.1.5d RF.2.3a RF.2.3b RF.2.3d RF.2.3e L.2.1b L.2.1d L.2.2c L.2.2d L.2.4b L.2.4c L.2.4d L.2.5a L.2.5b RL.3.4 RF.3.3a RF.3.3b L.3.1b L.3.1e L.3.1g L.3.2d L.3.2e L.3.2f L.3.4b L.3.4c L.3.5a L.3.5b L.3.5c L.3.6 RF.4.3a L.4.1g L.4.2d L.4.4b L.4.5b L.4.5c L.4.6 RF.5.3a L.5.1c L.5.1d L.5.2e L.5.4b L.5.5b L.5.5c RL.6.4 L.6.2b L.6.4b L.6.5b L.6.5c L.6.6 RL.7.4 L.7.2b L.7.4b L.7.5b L.7.5c L.7.6 RL.8.4 L.8.2c L.8.4b L.8.5b L.8.5c L.8.6

Explanation of the tool

Press "Settings" to enter a list with word pairs or manage lists you previously created.

Enter combinations of words, numbers or sentences as content for your list. Separate each combination with the equal sign. Here are some examples:

OH = Ohio
The antonym of 'Ascend' = Descend
5 x 4 = 20
cannot = can't
Combustion = The process of burning something.

The words on the left side of the "=" are displayed on a fixed position on the left side of the screen. The other words are displayed on the right on random positions. Students need to move those items and match with the words on the left.

Press "Save" to use the activity with the list you've entered or selected.