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Purpose of the tool

Apply rhythm, rhyme, and educational concepts to language and reading with music. A fresh way to engage students with text.

Grade: K,1,2,3,4,5
Common core standards: 
RL.K.1 RF.K.4 L.K.6 RL.1.1 RL.1.2 RL.1.7 RF.1.4a RF.1.4b RL.2.1 RL.2.10 RF.2.3e RF.2.4a RF.2.4b RL.3.1 RL.3.2 RL.3.10 RF.3.4a L.3.6 RL.4.1 RL.4.10 RF.4.3a RF.4.4a L.4.6 RL.5.10 RF.5.3a RF.5.4a W.5.9a

Explanation of the tool

Students read along to improve fluency and quickly develop background knowledge. By tying music directly to language and reading, students become more engaged and motivated, retain information better, exercise different learning pathways, and learn how to read and apply content effectively.

Switch between difficulty levels by pressing "Intro" or "Advanced".

Press on the title of a song to open it. Once you've opened a song, you can press the 'play' button to start the video.

Press the 'Open text' button to view the lyrics. You can print the lyrics by pressing the 'Print' button.

Practice reading comprehension by opening the questions behind the three buttons below the video. "Literal (day 1)", "Inferential (day 2)" and "Complex (day 3)".

Lyrics2Learn was developed by teachers for teachers. Improve reading comprehension and reading fluency through music. Want More Lessons?