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Gynzy Game Show

Gynzy Game Show

Purpose of the tool

Make exciting, interactive and educational Jeopardy©-like games for in your classroom.

Grade: 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8

Explanation of the tool

This tool is a template; you can create any quiz you like. So whether you want to treat topics like math or language arts, or you want to create a game for the Holidays, it's all possible with the Gynzy Game Show.

Do you want to create a new game? First give it a name. Then select the amount of teams that will compete against each other. Then select the amount of categories you want to use in your show.

After you have pressed the "Next" button you will be asked to enter the name of first category and its 5 questions with related answers.

If you selected more than one category, keep pressing the "Next" button and complete the information for each category. Once completed, press the "Save" button to save your game show and you are ready to start the activity.

The next time you open this tool, press the "Settings" button to select or edit your previously saved game or games.

The Game Show comes with 5 ready-made Quizzes: Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Fall and Winter.