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Your Own Flash Cards

Your Own Flash Cards

Purpose of the tool

Create flash cards with your own content by entering combinations of words, numbers or sentences.

Grade: K,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,higher
Common core standards: 
RF.K.1d RF.K.2a RF.K.2b RF.K.2c RF.K.3a RF.K.3b L.K.1c L.K.2c L.K.2d L.K.4a L.K.4b L.K.5a L.K.5b L.K.5c L.K.5d RF.1.2a RF.1.2c RF.1.2d RF.1.3d RF.1.3e RF.1.3f L.1.1b L.1.1c L.1.1e L.1.2d L.1.2e L.1.4b L.1.4c L.1.5a L.1.5b L.1.5c L.1.5d RF.2.3a RF.2.3b RF.2.3d RF.2.3e L.2.1b L.2.1d L.2.2c L.2.2d L.2.4b L.2.4c L.2.4d L.2.5a L.2.5b RL.3.4 RF.3.3a RF.3.3b L.3.1b L.3.1e L.3.1g L.3.2d L.3.2e L.3.2f L.3.4b L.3.4c L.3.5a L.3.5b L.3.5c L.3.6 RF.4.3a L.4.1g L.4.2d L.4.4b L.4.5b L.4.5c L.4.6 RF.5.3a L.5.1c L.5.1d L.5.2e L.5.4b L.5.5b L.5.5c RL.6.4 L.6.2b L.6.4b L.6.5b L.6.5c L.6.6 RL.7.4 L.7.2b L.7.4b L.7.5b L.7.5c L.7.6 RL.8.4 L.8.2c L.8.4b L.8.5b L.8.5c L.8.6

Explanation of the tool

Press "Settings" to enter a content list or manage lists you previously created.

Enter combinations of words, numbers or sentences as content. Separate each combination with the equal sign. Here are some examples:

5x4 = 20
The capital of Austria = Vienna
The opposite of cold = hot
El vaso = glass
The third day of the week = Wednesday

The word on the left is displayed on the front of each Flash card. The word on the right is displayed on the back of each card.

Press "Save" to use the activity with the list you've entered or selected.